Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to use the chrome extension?

No. Loot’s entire directory has all access to all the deals our chrome extension does but we do highly encourage you to use the chrome extension for the best experience.

How does it work if I’ve already bought the tool?

Most deals on Loot are based on NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY, but we do have others where you can apply credits to existing customers if the tools have been recently purchased. Please check the eligibility criteria to confirm this or email for any clarifications.

How are the deals structured in Loot?

There can be either cashback or product-based discounts. Within the platform, we make this clear to the end-user what type of deal it will be.

What happens if you don’t have the tool?

You can request specific products and our team will prioritize them. Once we onboard that product, we’ll let you know when it’s available

How do you use our information? Do you share it with vendors?

Loot has a strict policy where no information is shared with Vendors. You will never be contacted by a vendor via Loot until you have given your explicity consent which will be shown in the platform.

Is Loot a service or truly a platform?

Loot is truly a platform. It’s fully self-serve and doesn’t require any human contact with our team to get savings on purchases.

Do I pay through Loot?

No, you pay the vendor directly.

Can this be used by companies outside the US?

Yes. Certain deals can be restricted to countries like the US but we won’t show you those details, based on the information you provide in the onboarding process, so there’s no confusion.